• Hungary
  • In La Línea desde since 2007
  • Paint and construction works

Maximilian arrived in La Línea from Ireland where he lived for a while. His idea was to go to Gibraltar, with the only knowledge that it was in the Mediterranean coast, it belongs to the UK and the speak English. So he came without a job, without money or friends and speaking no Spanish at all. Attracted by the good weather, he wanted to paint during the whole year, something he couldn’t do in Ireland because of the rain.

His first memory when he arrived was getting off the plain, look around, breath deeply and think “I’m at home”. “But life is tough and put challenges on the way, but I always found kind people, willing to help”. So, even without speaking Spanish, he felt welcomed thanks to the people in La Línea.

Something that got his attention was the traffic and they way locals drive; “In practice they don’t follow the same rules, on book for sure”.

After all these years, he still feels welcomed, even more after learning the language. In general his experience is very positive and he has learned from the place’s wisdom to stay calm in moments in which you are supposed to rush, getting things done on time but with less stress, “In Hungary you are always rushing stressed. Here life is calmer and at the end, things get done”. He likes how people smile, says hello and ask you how you are in the bus. The only negative things are the dirt and traffic.

He thinks it is important that foreigners learn Spanish so they feel more integrated.

He feels part of La Línea, where he has friends and has never felt rejected.


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