• Born in Turkey and raised in Germany
  • In La Línea since August 2005
  • Payment providers

Levent was living and working in Mallorca when he received some job offers from Gibraltar, he accepted one of them and started to live here. Before coming he didn’t know how he would get to Gibraltar because he thought it was an island and he never heard anything about La Linea.

His first contact with La Linea was while living in Gibraltar, he used to cross the border often to meet with colleagues and have a drink and he had a good impression. He still remembers those first places he used to hangout.

The first 6 months he lived in Gibraltar and after that he moved to La Linea along with some friends, each from a different nationality. Despite the fact that he already spoke Spanish, He found it difficult to connect with the locals although he never felt rejected.

Today he is married with a Danish girl he met here and even if he has moved a little away from La Linea, he spends quite some tome in town.

Although it was not always the case, today he feels safe and at home; “every time when I go away and come back and see La Linea it’s like, this is my place”.


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