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Arnaud’s story a bit different than the ret. Before moving to La Linea, he was living in Sevilla where his wife comes from. They met in France and live together in Spain for over 16 years.

His wife works as a teacher, was deployed first in Tesorrillo and then to La Linea. Arnaud used to work in the coast before he changed completely and started working in Gibraltar, as many others, in the gaming industry.

He knew La Linea when he came to visit Gibraltar in 2000. Back then he couldn’t imagine that this would be his place.

As a sea lover, he didn’t mind the idea of living here when the time came. In a very short time he felt like a local thanks to the people he met and with whom he keeps a very active social life. “People tells me I am and adoptive ‘piojoso’, so I feel very much like a local”, he says with a strong andalusian accent. You can notice he is telling the truth as he used a lot of local slang such as ‘pijoso’, which is they way people from La Linea are called.

Although he didn’t come to work in Gibraltar as many, he ended up working there as his previous job was very stressful and a change was very important for him and his family. About his previous job he says that it was “a continues ‘comecoco’ (stress/worry)”, using the local slang again.

With the pass of the years he has accomplished something very important and it’s that people don’t see him as a foreigner but as one more in town and he feels very lucky for this. He has got to know the place from the inside. He was even invited to watch Spain playing a match in the Eurocup, “it was very funny because I could feel a lot of integration into the Spanish society”. “Here I don’t feel like a ‘guri’ (foreigner) at all!”.

He encourages other foreigners to live closer to the people of La Linea and to lose any fear to understand the place they are living in.

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