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Dionissis saw a job offer in a local newspaper in Athens and like that he was offered a job position in a betting company in Gibraltar. He searched information about the area and when he saw palms in pictures he thought that the weather would be like that in the north of Africa so he only put summer clothes in his luggage. The problem came with the arrival of the winter and the need of warmer clothes. “It was a surprise, I thought I was going to Africa!”.

He lived in Gibraltar for 6 months and once he understood that he could cross the border every day and that he could live on the other side, he moved to La Linea.

His first impression of Gibraltar was very bad and wanted to go back home, but little by little he found out that it was not so bad. Also when he got to know La Linea a little, he understood that it was not so different from his country in many things as the food.

Since the beginning while he was living in Gibraltar, he used to cross the border almost every day to spend time in La Linea, he started studying Spanish very soon and he decided he would move to La Linea after the first six months when the company paid for the rent in Gibraltar. Very soon he met a lot of people and he was very excited with his new life.

After a few months he felt more than integrated with the people of La Linea, as soon as he started speaking the language. In a year he was able to communicate with them and after two years he was able to watch Spanish television and read the newspapers.

Today La Linea is his home, where he’s got his family and even if there are things that he would change, he feels happy and thinks that “the decision to come was the best and most important in my life”.

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