• South of France
  • In La Línea since May 2002
  • Yoga instructor and English teacher

Klaude left his country in 1989 to work as a backpacker. In 2002 he arrived in La Linea from Portugal to work in Gibraltar as neither he or his parter at the time spoke any Spanish and it was the easiest way to earn some money and continue with their lives. Both where chiefs and found a job in 24 hours.

When he arrived in La Linea experienced a very strange feeling, on one side it was just an average city and on the other a feeling like “so I will live here”. After a couple of days living in a hostel, they both moved into a share apartment in which he stayed for 6 months.

He didn’t know anything at all about Gibraltar or La Linea. He came because he was running our of money and needed a job to be able to travel to India to continue with his Yoga education. So after these 6 months, he travelled to India and came back in 2005 with a different idea in his head. This time he wanted to learn Spanish and work in Spain. So he worked as a language teacher until he was able to start giving yoga lessons, which is what he really enjoys.

His relation with the people of La Linea is very good, very warm and open people but with a lack of action to do something in life. He feels completely integrated and knows a lot of people not only from La Linea, thanks to the Yoga academy. He learned Spanish with patience and thanks to the help of his current partner, who is from La Linea. “To learn a language you need to forget about being shy and stop worrying about speak correctly from the beginning but to make yourself understood”.

He sees a lot of artistic potential in La Linea, a lot of creativity which is not seen as we keep focusing in the negative things. “We have to open our eyes and see what it’s happening, because there is a lot of art, a lot of dreams and hard working people”,  for instance “There are a lot of free workshops”.

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