Shane Sebastian

  • Berlin, Germany
  • In La Línea since 2006
  • Musician

Shane decided to move to the south of Spain from his home town Berlin mainly because of the weather. He came with a work contract in Gibraltar and he saw the opportunity to earn a good salary while living in sunny Spain.

He drove all the way from Berlin and when he arrived in La Linea he thought it was different to the rest of Spain, at least what he saw during his trip. It was difficult to find an apartment in La Linea at the time due to the high prices so his first place was in San Roque from where he moved out after a short while.

Today he still live in La Linea and he feels part of the foreigners community more than completely integrated in the town life. Something normal throughout his life as he has lived in many different places and he has always lived among foreign people, “even when I was living in Berlin”. This way he can get to know different ways of life and learn from them.

“I like La Linea as it is”, he says he feels happy here beside he problems that you may find as in any other city.

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