• Teramo, Italy
  • In La Línea since 2004
  • Online gaming

Stefano was living in Rome before he decided  to come to Gibraltar to work. He didn’t know anything about La linea before his arrival, only that he was coming to some place in Andalucia near Gibraltar of which he knew the basics. La Linea seemed similar to some places in the south of Italy for him. He liked the people and he felt good in the place; “maybe that’s way I’m here for over 10 years”.  The things he liked the most was the situation, the food, the weather and the girls.

He spoke Spanish when he arrived or at least that’s what he thought, as he needed to start al over again as it was difficult to understand the local accent and the way they speak. Today he can communicate completely and without any problems in Spanish. His integration is complete and he’s used to the way of living and how things work. He misses only a few things from his country, especially the food.

“I probably integrated properly when I went to a gym in Spain, a gym just for locals” “there is where I probably learned proper Spanish and way of life here”.

During his long stay in the town, he has seen may changes and how more and more, foreigners are integrating and living in the place mixing with the locals.

Stefano is always up to date with the events that involve Gibraltar and the relations with Spain and the UK as these has a lot to do with his future in La Linea, a place he considers his home.


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