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After she finished with her studies in Germany, Alex didn’t have a job and decided to search using a German agency. When she arrived to Gibraltar to see how it would be, she stayed for a couple of days, visit the apes and started working. Her first idea was to save some money and go back to Germany.

She knew nothing about la Linea. She just saw something while looking up for information about Gibraltar, but didn’t go deep as she thought she would live in Gibraltar, place she loved when she arrived. But soon she started to go out in La Linea and ended up moving here as that was the intention of her flatmates and she couldn’t afford a flat in apartment in Gibraltar on her own.

She found herself comfortable in La Linea to the mentality and similarities with her home town of the people. Sometimes she got nervous when  she went to the shop and had to wait while the shop assistant spoke with the people, but she got used to it and that now, she does herself when she’s not in a hurry. Actually her adaptation to La Linea way of living was “very easy”, among other things because she already spoke Spanish before coming as she learned during her 8 years in Germany.

Today her family is stablished in La Linea, she’s got a little girl who goes to kindergarden in town. She feels very comfortable in La Linea; “here my daughter can go from table to table in the restaurant and people talk to her” while in other places “a children is a problem form people”. She tells me that sometimes when speaking with someone, they ask her if she is from Argentina, when Alex says she is from Bulgaria, the person usually has offered to speak slower but Alex answers “No, don’t worry, I understand”.

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