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Chris first came to La Linea in 2000 on holidays with his girlfriend at the time. A girl which part of her family was originally from La Atunara. He stayed for a month and enjoyed it a lot. Once he was back in France he decided to move away. He worked in Luxembourg and then in London. While working in London he kept thinking about La Linea as he had a good experience there. Therefore he decided to come to Spain on Holidays however, this time he chose Tarifa to practice surf. There he met a French guy who said to him he could easily find a job in Gibraltar. So he started to look for jobs in Gibraltar once he was back in London. Finally he was given an opportunity to work for a gaming company.

It was 2009 and this time, he came to La Linea to live. He started to engage with locals thanks to his two passions, surf and volleyball. Thanks to this he learned a lot about the culture and the language. It was quite hard for him to learn Spanish but he manage and now speak quite fluently. He says “you have to make an effort if you want to adapt”. Because the beauty of La Linea is inside, in the people.

Chris comes from a town away from the sea and for that reason La Linea is “very easy for me and that’s why I’m in love with La Linea since the moment I got here, because it’s by the sea”. He remembers how, the firsts time he came on vacation, he went to collect the fish from a fishing boat with his parter’s grandfather who was a fisherman. “I came back for that reason, I knew people here love the sea and they have a lot of respect for it”.

Listening how he speaks about his love for the sea is great, how he knows about the different winds and the importance of ‘levante’ and ‘poniente. Also about the food and his relation with the locals. He tells us how a friend convinced him to go to Marbella to play volley and for lunch, they made him order the food which was very difficult due to his shyness. But he did it because he understands that this is the best way to integrate and understand life in Andalusia and Spain, making an effort.

His story is full of coincidences. Unlike others, he came to La Linea because he wanted to live here. But also, he belongs to a family where different nationalities got mixed. One of the sides of his family is Italian and one of its members got married to an emigrant from La Linea in Italy. For that reason La Linea was a name he always heard about at home. His cousin, son of the couple I mentioned earlier used to tell him about his grandparent, who currently lives in La Linea, “just here in la Atunara” and that he personally knows today. A great supporter of la Balona and Real Madrid.

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