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In this post I’m going to talk about some general aspects about renting in La Linea.

One of the reasons that made me create this blog is the lack of information that we can find online for those who are looking to move to La Linea. Where to look for an apartment to rent or where to look for a job or even some details about official offices for any paperwork.

The idea is a series of posts to help those who are thinking in moving to La Linea or Gibraltar area or those who have just arrived to get over the first obstacles they may find.

In this first post I’m going to give some general information about renting, where to look, general process and which areas to choose.

When we search for renting in La Linea in Google, we mainly find general webs or agencies. We cannot see much information about the properties for rent and when we try to contact we generally end up speaking with an agent commonly known as “corredor”. These agent’s job is to help those looking for a place charging a fee to the property owner. It’s difficult to get away from them but usually they do a good job although it may be difficult to communicate with them in English.

Depending on the area the cost is between 400 and 800 euros as average. The most usual price is 550/650 Euros. Generally people who first come to live in La Linea use to look for something close the city centre, place of work or more usually, Gibraltar border. After some time it is usual to move to the outside areas such as Santa Margarita or Alcaidesa.

Renting in La Linea

But, how to choose where to live in La Linea?

  • Poniente area; Along the West coast of La Linea we find the Poniente beach. It’s a popular area for young foreign people working in Gibraltar. Very close to the border so reachable by bicycle or foot. Just about 5 minutes to the city centre which so it’s easy for shopping and enjoying local bars, restaurants and city life. We find mainly apartment buildings with good quality and views to the bay.
  • City Centre; Includes the main street of La Linea, San Felipe area just next to the border; and half of Calle Gibraltar and surrounding area (also known as Huerta Fava). Wide range of properties. We can find new constructions with very good quality and other apartments planned for young people or students. The centre is very close to the border, about 5-10 minutes walking. It’s a good area if we want to live close to shops, bars and restaurants. On the other hand it can be a little noisier and crowded.
  • Santa Barbara/Ciudad deportiva; This is the area next to the East coast or Levante beach from the border to the Atunara neighborhood. Generally medium/high quality apartments. It’s a good area close to the Levante beach. Better quality than poniente beach and with more chiringuitos in summer. Also we could still walk to the town centre or Gibraltar.
  • Zabal and Santa Margarita; residential area in the suburbs. Normally attached houses and some apartments. Wide range of property types and similar prices than in the centre. If we are looking for a quiet area this would be a good choice. The only disadvantage is that we would need a vehicle to go to Gibraltar, town centre or big shopping centres. However we can find some services in the area such us supermarket, bars and restaurants and even a gym. We can also enjoy a long beach very close.
  • Alcaidesa; It’s the farthest area from the town centre. Formed by attached houses with small gardens and good views. It has some services and having a car or a vehicle is a must. Prices are slightly higher than in town but it’s a good option for any kind of people and families.
  • San Pedro and Gabriel Miró area; San Pedro street starts at the fish market and gets to an area a little further from the centre. Living in this area means being close to one of the most traditional areas of La Linea. Lower prices and access to several services like local shops and supermarkets. Properties are older although we can find some very good quality houses or apartments for a low price.
  • Atunara and Periañez; It’s the levante area from Santa Bárbara up to the fishing port and a little inside up to the bullring. It’s a poor neighborhood with older properties with much lower renting prices. Some spots may be more conflictive and abandoned. Although it has always been a fishermen neighborhood in the last years, it’s linked to the tabaco smuggling. In this area we will find the hospital and a big number of small shops and supermarkets. Also, we should not forget the best fish restaurants are here.
  • Junquillos and Mondejar; In this area we include part of the Poniente beach from Avenida España which is the West entrance to the town. Poor neighborhood and very conflictive in some spots as the first houses built here are social houses. We can find good apartments at very low prices. There is a good amount of small local shops and supermarkets.
Mapa de La Linea de la concepcion
Mapa de la Linea

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