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I met Thiago thanks to the photography. One day I got a message from him asking if he could take part in a photoshoot with me because he wanted to learn. We met and after a while we did this photoshoot in the Faro in Alcaidesa. A guy with a lot of will to do things and that today, has made a huge change in his life and has a very promising future in front of him.

Thiago’s family live in Spain for 20 years. The first member of his family to arrive was his aunt who lived in Santander for a few years. Thiago lived for 5 years without his parents in Brazil until one day he came to a wedding in Gibraltar. When he arrived his parents had everything arranged for him to stay but he was not aware of that. He laughs when he tells that it was like a joke, “yes, come for a walk and… you stay”.

Thiago comes from a poor family which managed to improved and have a much better life back in Brazil. However, the situation in his country made them move to Spain and during the first years more family members came to different places in Spain until his aunt met the man who later became her husband and moved to Gibraltar. Thiago’s parents lived for five years in the Basque Country where didn’t have the best time. With the crisis, all of them ended up moving to the south of Spain, near Gibraltar where they now live and work.

The first years of Thiago in La Linea were quite complicated. He was a 17 years old boy who used to live in a 2,5 million citizens and used to do what he felt like. From one day to the other everything changes and he sees himself in a small town, knowing no one and with no clue about speaking Spanish. “With people treating you bad when you arrive, not liking the place, being very young and with nothing to see, I was very upset”. He didn’t understand the life here and was very lost. “It was like if I wasn’t here, I kept talking to my friends in Brazil. Acting like I was living there”. He had to study Spanish 4 hours a day and in two months he was fluent but this didn’t help him a lot at the beginning.

During those first tow years he was practically closed in the house and gained a lot of weight. Thanks to a good friend he started to go out, exercise and get to know the town making new friends. He says how the first time he went to the feria was so much fun. Also remember how he learned to understand and enjoy the life of young people in La Linea. He laughs with the memories of struggles that today are meaningless like having access to a pub or caseta in the feria. His life back then was like any other boy of his age, not forgetting where he comes from but trying to enjoy life. He regrets for leaving his studies as he could have got more in life but, he thinks things happen for a reason.

One of the first things he did then was buying a photography equipment, the best his family could afford, and started learning. He mostly took photos while traveling by car with his friends. He took photos for fun but after a while he understood he could do something with that passion. So he started working with a stylist. With her he learned a lot but a job made him try making videos which he liked and enjoyed a lot. With this new activity new opportunities appeared and he met some important people within the fashion industry. Some new doors opened for him and today he can say he’s been working with what he loves traveling around Europe.

At the same time, he went through some problems related to his private life and had to leave La Linea to live in Madrid and Alicante. He managed to sort out his residency. “In one year I managed to do everything I couldn’t in four”.

Today he is not living in La Linea. Here He’s got his family and doesn’t see himself coming back to live as is not compatible with his life expectations. Right now he doesn’t mind sleeping in sofas as long as he can do what he wants and have jobs. He doesn’t like the European confortable life and believes that we cannot expect governments to solved our lives. We have to make our own future doing what we like. “If it’s what you really want, you are going to get it” His goal is to make videos in different parts of the world and know the places in the process. In comparison with his life in Brazil, Europe is small and everything is quite close. “you can have breakfast in La Linea, lunch in Madrid and late dinner in the Basque country”.

Even though he was not born in La Linea, he really likes it and has a lot of love for it, “Coming down to La Linea from the Higueron road gives me goosebumps”. However, he doesn’t think he will spend the rest of his life here because he doesn’t see a future. There is an amazing multicultural environment and a lot of big things could be done but this is not happening. There is a lack of cultural offer and will to do things. Thiago says that in this life “the important thing is to know what you want and look for you future not forgetting where you come from and who are those who stood by your side”.

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  1. Neuuss says:

    Solo tengo que decirte Estoy muy orgulhosa de ti y como tu tia Siempre te deseo lo mejor del mundo todo lo que haz pasado hoy se miras atrás aquel niño de antes es todo un hombre y señor . Así que sigas luchando por tus sueños y objetivos
    Tia MA

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