• Valencia, Spain
  • In La Línea since December 2013
  • Graphic designer and yoga instructor

Six months ago Irene along with three friends, decided to start a yoga studio in La Linea. Irene got this passion from a trip to San Francisco where yoga is massive and even though she had practiced it before, it was then when she really got into this practice which today, plays a very important part of her life.

Irene arrived in La Línea after living in Dublin for some time. From there she was looking for a job in Barcelona or other parts of Spain as in her home town Valencia, there was no job. So the nearest place to Spain she could possibly find something was Gibraltar. “I didn’t know there were so many gaming companies, I didn’t know there was so many job opportunities”.

When she accepted the job offer, she came to La Línea with her boyfriend and both stayed in a hostel for a week until they found an apartment for rent. About her arrival she tells us that it was very particular because they arrived during Christmas and they stayed in a hostel in the town centre and arrived just when the Three Kings Parade was on the street. Coming directly from Dublin it felt like a cultural shock seeing so many people outside. “It was like, oh my god, where are we?”. “The first year was really shocking” as she came from bigger cities and found it difficult to find things to do so it took time until she could see the bright side of the place. Also the different relation with the people was very special as she found very open and welcoming people.

The most difficult part about living in La Linea was to find cultural offer and places to practice yoga until she started meeting people which whom she could form a group of friends sharing the same passion and, in September 2017 they started a yoga studio in the town centre where they give classes everyday to all of those who show interest.

Irene always had the idea of sharing yoga with other people and thanks to a yoga instructor from Los Barrios who told her about several courses, she started to study. After a couple of these courses she decided to give lessons to her friends until “other people who like yoga and are not only my friends asked me for lessons”, at the beginning in Santa Margarita, in the swimming pool of her building and even on the beach where more people got to know her. With other three teachers she met during the training courses they have started a very nice project and “share what it’s our passion”.

Irene was looking for a place for several months until she found this one in the centre. An expensive place but considering all the difficulties and high prices she found in La Línea, she kept this one which is good but it’s starting to feel small. So far most of the students are foreigners or Gibraltarians. The reason behind it is that there is not much marketing being done and most students come from work or friends contacts.

They hope to extend the lessons times, include yoga for children and most importantly, fulfill her dream of living out of her passion in the area where she got used to and where she feels connected to the way of living. A place where life is lived outdoors and where everything is “more outside”.

I would like to thank Irene for taking the time in participating in this project and for helping me to start this new phase where I will be including not only foreigners but also Spaniards from other areas of Spain. Also I would like to wish Irene and her partners all the luck with their beautiful project Vita Yoga.

For more information you can visit their Facebook page.

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